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I've started thinking about next year and what we can do to plan a special anniversary year for The Chainlink including a 10th anniversary kit, t-shirt, and events (probably also one big anniversary party that will benefit a few of the local bike-related non-profits).

This will take some planning so I figured it best to start early and ask people for their input. 

Committee, Volunteering

If you would like to be involved in the anniversary committee, have some ideas, would like to volunteer for the charity fundraising, etc. please chime in. I think I'll build a CL group to help us organize. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

There will also be sponsorship opportunities if you are a business interested in learning more.

Here are a few of the earliest posts:

Oldest Forum Post:

First Media Mention (on Gapers Block):

Oldest photo by "CycleRon":

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I'm down for being part of the committee and/or volunteering, so let me know about the CL group. No ideas at the moment, but I'll see if I can come up with some.

Thanks Bill!

Pics from first anniversary:
Feel like I have pics from the launch party, but couldn't find them.

thanks for sharing Andrew. Very cool. 


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