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Opinions on? The 606 - Bloomingdale Trail * Fall Update

The 606 now enters Chicago's changing seasons ! Cyclists': It's now yours to enjoy !

Chicago's Season's - (Summer)May-Sept. (Fall)October (Winter)November-March (Spring)April. TRUE !

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So what did you think of the 606 Trail & the opening day celebration? < 606 OPENING CEREMONY CHAINLINK EVENT >

The 606 Opening Celebration Participation, Saturday June 6th, 2015 at 8am till 9pm.

Cyclists: Join the Bike Procession organized by West Town Bikes to the 606 (Bloomingdale Trail) Grand Opening Celebration. Details and event posting soon to follow.

Join us on Saturday 6/06/15. Be among the first to experience The 606, Chicago's new park and trail system, over a decade in the making. Clear your calendar so you can celebrate all day with a series of joyful processions along the Bloomingdale Trail, a lively street festival on Humboldt Boulevard, and day-long fun at The 606 access parks: Walsh, Churchill Field, Park 567 at Milwaukee/Leavitt Ave and at Julia de Burgos Park.

In addition to enjoying the trail for the first time with your friends, family and neighbors, you can play a more active role in the festivities.

*Join a pre-planned procession
*Plan your own procession
*Host an activity booth at the festival site
*Volunteer with The 606 team

Learn more and sign up at: or visit

See you Saturday, June 6th, for the Opening Celebrations, and Sunday, June 7th, for a Community Pancake Breakfast at the Ridgeway Trailhead. All activities are FREE and open to the public. We can't wait to celebrate with all of you !

Tom A.K. - time is precious, our existence is short. LIVE YOUR LIFE !

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Rode the 606 on Thursday & Friday after work and wow, what a difference! The temperature goes down 10 degrees, we get a little wind, and half the Walking Dread disappears! If that's how they react to temps in the 50s, how many will be left when it's in the 40s? Very few, I imagine. And when highs are in the 30s, there will only be a few bike commuters, plus those guys who ride the trail back and forth (I can't call it a 'training ride' as they are under 20 mph), and the joggers. I expect the joggers to stay. They seem pretty committed.

Or has the weather freaked everyone out, because the change was so sudden? One day it was summer, then it got cold at the same time the sun started to set early (and after the Supermoon left). Saturday early afternoon, one woman huddled inside the train station to wait for the bus, instead of waiting outside, and wore a winter jacket. An aberration? Except several people waited inside the ramp area for the train, also. Did the TV weather people scare everyone again?

When I was on 606 on a weekday, I found it really nice - very few people out. Nice to hear the weather has cleared the trail and made it an enjoyable ride. 


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