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As the title suggest, I thought  we could use this thread as a way to post open invitation training rides. This Sunday, I'm doing a lakefront ride:


Start: Buckingham Fountain

End: Buckingham Fountain

Start Time: 9am

End Time: 11:30-noon-ish

Pace: I'd like to keep around a 14-18 mph pace


It's just simply riding the lakefront in it's entirety. It equates to about 36 miles + whatever miles it'll take to get to Buckingham and back (for me 42 total miles). Weather looks like crap for Sunday (chance of rain - 40 degrees) - from my experience training for marathons, I've found crappy conditions only make me stronger.

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There are usually rides starting at 7:26 AM in Naperville on Saturdays, just two blocks from the BNSF train station. I notice that 7:26AM is also the time when the first train from Chicago arrives in Naperville.

Is there any interest from City riders to join these rides? I think the start time could be moved back a few minutes if there is such interest:


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