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I will be telling a bike related story at the Thread reading on Sunday,  April 3 at 4pm. The  reading  is at The Curragh, 8266 N. Lincoln, Skokie, IL.  Thread is on online literary magazine published by my wife,  Ellen.  Please check it out and consider subscribing. The readings raise a few dollars to help Ellen keep  publishing and giving it away for free.  There will be seven storytellers iincluding three from the current issue of Thread and four other local writers. I am one of the other four writers.  I am also part of the musical entertainment.  

Ride over, hear some stories and music and drink a couple of beers.  What could  be bad?

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Thanks for sharing David. This sounds really interesting. 

I work weekends!  I'll be sure to check out the magazine, though.  Loved your burrito story.

I will be telling the same bike related story at Is This a Thing? on Monday, May 9 at 7pm. The show is at O'Shaughenesseys on Ravenswood near Wilson.

David I am so there and will stay the whole time!!!

Thanks for this funny story.

John, were you there?


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