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So... my bike got stolen last night.   (Yes, I listed it on the stolen bike registry). It sounds from other discussions as if a lot of stolen bike are ending up at the Swap o Rama.  I know the main thing is to get there early, but I'm wondering: if I find my bike, what do I do then? Do I need to call the cops? Should I just show them a copy of the police report and hope they'll not want to deal with the hassle and just give it back? I do not have the serial number. I'm also not very good at being confrontational.  Any tips will be much appreciated. The picture below is pretty accurate except that the rear fender is gone and I added some neon reflective tape strips on the fork and seat stays. 

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We did see a guy in the parking lot (and later, in the swap) with a lot of really nice and probably stolen bikes. Including another San Jose. But mine wasn't one of them.

Lindsay E. Stout said:
Just buy it back duh....If it's there, it won't be more than $20--stay in the parking lot, not the swap itself.



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