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In the summer of 2010 my Fiance and I ran into a group from Chainlink at the Swap O Rama while we were there on our own trying to recover our stolen bike.  We didn't know Chainlink existed then but we were glad to meet the crew and appreciated the support.  That day was a success for us and great story.  (If any of you reading this were there... THANK YOU a million times... side note: it was the same day the Chicago Tribune was there writing a story about stolen bikes)

Sadly, last night (July 24) we had both of our bikes stolen from downtown.  We used kyptonite U locks and a cable so we know they had to of had a saw/serious tool.  We went to the swap today and didn't see either bike or any signs that they might have been there.  Meaning we didn't see the HUGE pile of hot bikes that we saw in 2010.  We were thinking these guys are taking the bikes somewhere else now but we will be going back again this Saturday to be certain.

If anyone is interested in joining or knows of anyone searching for their bike please let us know.  We are happy to look for others if you can't make it or be a supportive group for anyone thinking of going down.  Opens at 7AM.

We have a police report and registered both bikes here...

Thanks so much.

Michelle and Matt

If you've heard of a new place were stolen bikes go please let us know.  Thank you. 

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Sean, did you receive the pdf I sent you on what to do at S-O-R?

Sean Struble said:

I have a police report, pictures, and proof of purchase of the frame and components online. I lost the paper that I kept all my serial numbers on but Im hoping that it's enough. Did you see a silver Surly Pacer last time you where there?

Short answer: no.

There is not a 9th district police officer that doesn't know that Swap-O-Rama is a major fencing site for all sorts of stolen goods, and most would probably tell you in no uncertain terms that "everything" sold there is stolen.

However, citywide, the police don't have the resources to pursue property crimes.

Julia Tikhonova said:

I am wondering if the police is going to do something about it and will come and check the flea market. if every one will file a police report and provide them with the serial number, there maybe a chance of finding something.

I did get it and read through it. I have been reading more about it and will keep your advice in mind on Saturday. I appreciate it.

Good to hear-- wanted to make sure you absorbed it, because you most likely will only get one chance.

The skinny: If you don't have proof =with serial number= you will get N O help from Swap-O-Rama management or security (if it feels like they're using the serial number loophole to protect the thieves, guess what-- that's exactly what they're doing); and will have to be smart as to how you're going to go about getting help from CPD.

Absolutely keep the heat on this place, and go look for your bikes-- but please keep in mind that your chance of finding your bike(s) there are very, very slim, so be careful about managing your expectations.

BTW-- I can't say I've ever heard of anyone recovering their bike on a Thursday (or at least can't recall), but a former patient who sells religious artifacts at the SORe via a permanent stall once told me that Thursday is "bike day," so think about making a sweep tomorrow.


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