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Curious if anyone has done any cool Chicago-area art? It's near impossible to find much on Google for our city streets, especially cycling art. I did create this Strava club for local "artists" to post to:

Please share any ideas or routes you've created! :)

I did recently make a horse and am planning another route.

There are a number of Chicago area running examples (you may need a Strava login to view some):












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These are really quite clever!!  I like the bunny, but the horse is fantastic.  The neck bump, it's great.  Question - How was the angled line from the horse's nostril up to the eye done?  I can't find that angled street on the map. Turn the GPS off then back on to force it to fill in the line?  It's all pretty nice.   

Thanks ketoguy.  Correct on the top line of horse's nose!  One side of one of the ears was done this way too for example. "Art" is all about taking creative liberties right? LOL

Some religiously use the 1-stroke method (never pause Strava).
Others sometimes pause Strava, moving to a new spot, and then resume Strava to draw a straight line.

Well played sir.  

Last full day of summer ride...

Wow.  Sooo, how do you pre-map the shortest route for a celtic knot? First track working toward the center and then finishing working outward, or.... ? That's really well done. 

That's a whole math problem in itself, figuring out the shortest possible route (ie. repeating as few lines as possible)  I just traced it out manually on Ride with GPS and audio cues told me when to turn as I rode it.  I'm sure there's a shorter, more efficient route possible, but not by much.  There's actually only 26 miles of lines there if there were no repeats (208 blocks) but I had to go 31.6 mi. to make this.  If you had to "legally" make this it would be soooooo many more miles as I went the wrong-way on many 1-way streets. :o

My longest one yet and likely it for 2020!

i love these! like sculptors, you have to be able to see what the raw material, in this case maps, can become.

how cool to be introduced to a new art form.

Thanks Bob, it was a good covid activity to help keep me sane! LOL

Check out for tons more.

BIG / LITTLE Penrose Squares :)

Big 34 mi. -
Little 11 mi. -

i love them! next, strava optical illusions?



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