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I just saw that and rushed right over to post it, but you beat me to it. :-) I was unaware of the history. Unfortunately, I think it's often typical that people like Ald. Stone have to age out or die for progress to be made. 

We had to  ride over a plastic barrier that  was  already laying on the ground early on Saturday as we were returning from our yearly sojourn to the Winter Solstice Percussion Concert  and marked  the moment of  our first  crossing of the bridge.  When  we got up to Howard Street we really should have ridden over  the  location of the  wall he built to make it more  difficult for  his constituents to shop at the  mall on the north side  of the  street  in Evanston.

Finally! :)

Sorry folks, it turns out that the Stone Free Bridge is not actually open yet, so please stay off it for now. Per CDOT: "It is NOT open yet. There are still some final items that need to be finished before it opens." [Sad trombone.] They say it probably won't be long until it's officially open.

LOL. Yeah, sad trombone. Glad to know before I made my way over ;)

Maybe they'll wait until the Navy Pier Flyover is finished first.

when i rode by from granville ave. yesterday afternoon the bridge itself was still barricaded, but the sidewalk access at kedzie was open. the path was still barricaded south of petersen though.

the bridge is officially open as of this morning (12/30)!!!

my daily commutes up and down the north shore channel trail have been forever improved.

the middle 6 miles of my 8 mile commute are actually entirely off-street.

what an excellent belated christmas present!

now, how do we get an under/over-pass for devon? (i'm a greedy man ;) )

Yep, per CDOT, the bridge is ready to ride: "While punch list work is continuing and landscaping will be completed in the spring, the bridge is officially open."

I rode over the Stone Free Bridge for the first time yesterday.  I'd gone out to Evanston on the bus, but the bus wasn't due to the Purple Line turnaround for 30 minutes and I didn't want to wait.

The next project:  the Weber Spur.


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