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Today I got back my beloved Surly Pacer.  It was completely intact, and just how I left it the night it got stolen other than a few things I need to tune.  I realize how incredibly luck I am and how thankful I am to be part of such a great bike community.

I'm thankful for the help of the Play It Again Sports on Ashland, The Chicago Stolen Bike Registry, Chainlink, and the 19th District officers. Thanks for making my year, and reestablishing my faith in humanity!


To Julie, and Howard thank you so much for your help and information regarding stolen bikes and your hard work on chainlink. It is a great community, and you guys are awesome.  To Patrick, Elizabeth, Matt, and Michelle thank you for your help and going to the swaps, your kindness and wishes.  I wish you the same luck that I have received.  I would like to let you know that I am still willing to help in any way I can to retrieve your bikes, feel free to call me anytime, and I am still keeping an open eye for them. It CAN happen with a little luck and persistence.  


Attached is a link the picture of me with my bike and the guys at the Play It Again Sports Bike Shop, along with a little story about how I got it back.


Thanks again,


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How truly wonderful!!! I'm so happy for you. :-)

I've heard two great stolen bike reunion stories now this week... and holding out hope for Toro.

Fantastic news, sir.
After 7 weeks,
We too recovered a bike stolen from our building's parking garage May 25.
We urge all Bike Theft Victims to check SwapOrama.
Ours was found at the Alsip location Flea Market from a seller with 3 previous stolen bike incidents.
Cops told us the 41st and Halsted swapOrama is the #1 location for stolen bikes.

Great thanks to STOLENBIKETREGISTRY &  Cyclist's Gerry and Marsha from Mokena for emailing us with the tip.
it's truly unbelievable it is back with us and unscathed.

Props to the Play-it-Again-Sports people who care more about recovering a stolen bike for a victim than making some cash!



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