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Yesterday my 2013 Novara Buzz was stolen at Michigan Ave. and Adams. It was locked to a bike rack. The bike is brown with green lettering, there is a gold bell on the handlebar, front and rear lights, rear rack with a broken light, and a small dent on the bottom cross bar of the frame. I am so heartbroken that it was stolen, and so mad at the person who had the nerve to take it in the middle of the day on Michigan Ave. 

I have filed a police report, and the bike is registered (Serial #A1407855). I just wanted to get the word out, if anyone may spot it anywhere, or have any suggestions on where to track it down. 

I appreciate the bike community's help!


(208) 540-0583

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Thanks, Andy, I did put it on the registry. I am going searching this weekend at the flea markets. 

If anyone else is searching for bikes and finds mine, I am a massage therapist -- reward for finding my bike is a free massage!! 



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