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Hey Chainlinkers. This is a call out for help. I had my race bike stolen today from my locked garage. I have submitted entries onto both the National and Chicago Stolen Bike registries. Police Report is pending. If anyone sees my bike, please let me know.


2009 Scott Speedster S30

White & Grey with Gold highlights

Shimano 105 Components

Black mavic ksyrium equipe Wheels (yellow & red highlights on hubs an rims)

Red Michelin ProRace4 Tires

White Fizik Bar Tape

White & Grey Scott Saddle

Garmin Cadence Sensor Mounted on chainstay

Barfly Garmin Mount on handlebars

White Water bottle cages

any help would be appreciated.



elliotcbennett at gmail dot com

Older Photo (no red tires or garmin mounts)

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Again???? Was your other bike stolen from the same garage?

I hope you have a similar happy ending and I'm sorry to hear you have to go through this again. Fingers crossed.

Last time they were locked to a tree.

I had a little scare a while back when I couldn't find a bike in the morning and concluded that I'd left it sitting in front of the house, unlocked the previous evening. I felt sick, not that the bike was gone, but that I'd basically made a gift of it to some scumbag with no respect for personal property. I'm sure Elliot feels the same way.

(turned out housemate had moved it in my case...)

Julie Hochstadter said:

Again???? Was your other bike stolen from the same garage?

Yeah...Last time they were locked with 2 u-locks and a cable on a busy street. This time it was just hanging in my locked




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