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Anyone know where these can be found? I see it on one of my routes but haven't seen anybody home.

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Hmm.  It looks like the Illinois Wheelmen (Peoria Bike club) bought a bunch a few years ago. maybe email and ask them?

We purchased these for our street. Not quite the same, but still helpful. Our block is on a cut through street, so people tend to go fast despite the school and park nearby.  I think they help, though not everyone chooses to drive slowly.

Yeah, I see those in a few different neighborhoods, but I've only seen the one "start seeing bicycles".

Thanks for the lead about the Illinois Wheelmen, I'll write them.

Wall graphic (one-sided) 36"x11", $17.90.

There are poster making companies that will do a run of 100 with metal holders for a reasonable price.

Thanks, but a custom run is more than I'm looking for, a coupla\three would do it.


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