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Spring Bike Wash Time, "YOU pick the Chicago-based Non-profit" edition!



It's time to start thinking of our first bike wash of the season! I'm thinking I'd like to go for the last Saturday or Sunday of April. Get peoples' bikes cleaned up and washed after the winter!



* THIS IS THE FIRST OF MANY TO COME. My vision is for the Chainlink to be a driving force for giving back to our community through events like the bike wash.


We have to pick a local Chicago non-profit that is aimed at helping people in need. So who do YOU want to raise money for? 100% of the donations will be sent to the charity of our choice. I've been saying the rule is I get to pick Open Books as the first one, but really I don't mind if more people are in favor of other ideas.


Hopefully this is the first of many, so we will have plenty of opportunity to choose the charities we all care about. So many of you have approached me asking when the next one will be and if we can do more. That's wonderful and exciting! You are all generous and beautiful people!


So, what say y'all? Let's get planning!




My vote: Open Books

Open Books is a Chicago non-profit literacy and education program run almost entirely by volunteers to teach fundamental reading & writing skills for children and illiterate adults. They also own and operate a huge used book store that receives its inventory completely by donation. The money spent there funds Open Books and their programs.

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How about West Town Bikes. Check out this video about them;


Totally love West Town Bikes and definitely want to put on an event to fundraise for them, too!

I also want to let everyone know:


THIS IS THE FIRST OF MANY TO COME. My vision is for the Chainlink to be a driving force for giving back to our community through events like the bike wash.


*bump* Guys, I'm loving the enthusiasm so far but I need more :)
I'll donate to any non profit that has chicks in daisy dukes and boy beaters/bikinis (weather permitting)

I'm totally in this year.  So many great places to give....


I absolutely blanking on specific organizations at the moment though.
This discussion hasn't taken off yet so I'm going to say let's bump the date back a few weekends.
just let me know the date and time and I am in!

Free Geek Chicago

I don't get over to this place as much as I should these days. Free Geek is a great group of people providing free hands on computer knowledge, free/cheap computer hardware, and tech recycling. If you have an interest in technology and find your self near logan square stop by on a Sunday. No matter your skill level you are bound to learn or help some one else learn something while you are there.

I volunteer with Chicago Cares  

If you don't know about them they have a range of programs from helping the homeless to park clean-up.

It's wonderful to be getting more replies, thank you thank you thank you all!



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