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We've had some discussion lately about the need for more bike facilities on the southwest. Folks have spoken up about Archer and other streets.  I welcome your constructive comments and ideas here. 

The next Mayor's Bike Advisory Council meeting is coming up in a few weeks. If you have issues you'd like me to raise there, please speak up here!

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I will mention these issues.

Regarding the CTA bus problem, I have a couple of suggestions:

1. Record date, time and run # (on digital display on bottom of windshield) every time you see a bus idling in the bike lane.  Send an email to CTA reporting this info.  Also post the info here.

2. If you use Twitter, tweet this to CTA, something like this: @CTA #9 Ashland bus - run #__ was idling in #bikeCHI lane at 104th/#Vincennes on ___ at ___.

If you don't use Twitter but you DO post this info here, other people can get it out there on Twitter. Using the #bikeCHI hashtag will bring it to the attention of LOTS of folks who bike in Chicago, so some of them will retweet it.  CTA does monitor their Twitter feed. If they're getting lots of negative feedback there, it reinforces the message you send via email.

The more times they get these messages (both in terms of violation dates and retweets on each date), they more likely they are to follow up on it.

35th street is a bridge street so you can get west to go south. The pavement around the river area is bumpy. There is an urban farm site just west of the river, and the street in front of it would be a good bike route, though it only goes a couple of blocks, but it is very rough.


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