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There are a few thechainlink threads about the south track and South Chicago Velodrome Association....  Not sure if we should consolidate them.

Anyway- a number of events are happening in the next few days: workday today, big Team Challenge tomorrow, Junior Mechanics finally and work Sunday and an important open meeting with mid-term elections next Tuesday listed on TCL here.

Most news (and new Calendar Widget) is on our site here.

Before you say it...  Most users (and supporters) of the velodrome are not track racers, so that's no excuse ;)

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Geoffrey Baer was riding a MTB above the Sprinters' Lane earlier this week...

Today's volunteer day at the track in South Chicago is looking good with perfect weather and a good response from people coming to lend a hand.   SCVA Team Challenge Work Day

Some people will ride down via the lakefront path, the track is at 87th st. only two blocks West of the path.

Others are taking the Metra Electric line down- that stop is 1 1/2 blocks West of the track and bikes are allowed on that line.

Others are car pooling there...  The day's leader is Michael Genge feel free to email him for ride-wrangling.

I've got to attend to my needs at work today but any questions may be directed here or by calling 1-872-588-7282 (Luv-SCVA)

Getting the track tidied up now will allow the SCVA to host school groups (as well as "regular" riders and racers) during the next couple of months.

SCVA has paid off about 1/3 of the track's balance and combined with insurance payments and other costs have put to use over $45K of our community's money.  We're not spending excessively but having a difficult time keeping up with the necessities.  This is a community project and we want everyone to know these things.

Thanks for your support.

Ride the track in South Chicago today, meeting after, work before...  Good times :D

Fresh blog post here covering today's repairs, riding session and meeting.  

News on the blog covering last week's meeting, the new Directors, coming meeting, financial stuff...-  I must say- it was great to have a lot of new people show up last Tuesday and being active in the discussions.
For those of us in/near the city, the off-season never really comes, especially if you're involved volunteering for one of the various local community activities, programs or projects; thanks to everyone who works to bring this richness to our communities.

You're invited to stay up to date with info or join the crew any time of the year, for any step of this journey...



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