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Nothing's set in stone yet but Sunday (2 days from now) is the final day on the land lease and insurance policy.

Today- lease negotiations ended on a poor note- US Steel only wants to extend the lease until Oct 31 and with no reduction in insurance requirements.  It's unlikely we'll go forward after Sunday.

The only reason I'm announcing this speculation (Monday onward) here is to give you one last chance to check out this track yourself.

Tomorrow we have a committed gatekeeper 1-3:30pm Velodrome Hours but no one scheduled for Sunday (so don't count on it).

Sorry friends but I hope you can make it down tomorrow if you haven't been to this one yet.

*once insurance lapses (Sunday at midnight)- we won't have access to the property any longer.

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Sorry to hear Marcus, thanks for your efforts to keep it alive.

Update here: Likely Final Weekend to Ride

the South Chicago Velodrome will be open today 1-8:30pm

and tomorrow (Sunday) 10am until Carl gives out from exhaustion (evening?).

Details about developments are in the above-linked blog post.

Thanks for your support pelotom and everyone else!

We're looking forward to seeing you at Thursday's Intelligentsia Cup South Chicago Kermesse Road Race- all day and with a new 3 mile (?) loop.

We're trying to secure a short-term land use agreement and insurance policy so we can open the track to the public for the event and should have that determined Tuesday (looking for volunteers). 

Until then, check out the new South Chicago Velodrome story at and see how we're trying to proceed...

Thanks for believing in this, everyone!

Streetsblog article on the future of the velodrome:


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