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My old-school warhorse Apple crt computer monitor bit the dust yesterday. So I wheeled off to Micro Center on Elston and scored a large lcd replacement. Must've been quite a sight seeing a guy on a bike with a rather unwieldy monitor strapped to his backpack with bike tubes! ;-)

Long story short: Does anyone know of any local groups/agencies that can pick up the old monitor and dispose of it properly?

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do as the Rat Patrol and Smash it !
Actually, don't smash -- the lead coating the inside of the monitor needs to be contained. Either drop it off at the Goose Island recycling center (although it's kinda hard to carry a CRT on a backpack), or send it back to Apple for $30. (If you've bought a new Mac recently, you can send it back for free.)

There are a few options listed here for recycling computer stuff.

you should paint the glass part blue, and draw a face on it. and use it as decoration
I bet they thought you jacked the monitor Jayson! I find all sorts of uses for old intertubes around the house and on the job. Around the house and at work they can be used as guards for sharp objects, tying in garbage bags in trash cans; dog chew toys, sling shot bands, rubber bands if you have the time to cut them up in small parts, bunggie cords to hang up hoses, eletrical cords, sleeping bag ties also. As for tires I take my old ones to a local auto shop. When they are picked up they go along. I bring about 10-20 tires when I dump mine. The monitor is a tad more trickly because of the haz-mat inside. I have seen them used as door stops around Kenosha. Other uses are targets to shoot at and "gravity experiments". What happens when the monitor is dropped from 60 stories up and comes to a complete stop suddenly? Boommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cut up inner tubes make a great improvement over most rim tapes. Working Bikes or West Town might have a use for them; Alan at Working Bikes cuts up the worst tubes to make patches for those that can be salvaged. I've been making old tires into belts - if anyone wants to do a recycling craft day, I'd be up for it.

Give these guys a call to see if they do personal electronics recycling.



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