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Some last stuff before I go (trailers, racks, misc. stuff) and a good bye

I'm preparing to travel for as long as I can fund it, and am leaving on Sunday for the first leg of my travels--back home to Washington State, up to Alaska, and then around the Pacific Northwest.  After that I'll be back in Illinois for a bit, doing RAGBRAI and am then going to take off heading East via bike, stopping to twist balloons and blog about the trip at


I also wanted to say thank you to all of the people that I've gotten to know because of this website. This really seems to be a rather special place on the Internets...while there is quite a bit of rancor on these forums sometimes, the way that the Chainlink connects people to be able to do real activities together is incredible.


Without hestitation, I can say that I've met some of my best friends because of this site and have been inspired by dozens more of the people I've gotten to know. This makes it incredibly hard to leave Chicago.


Time constraints are keeping me from having a gathering before I head to the Northwest, but I hope to have a get together after RAGBRAI and before I head off on my bike journey. for the stuff...


I've already gotten rid of most of my stuff, but I have a few things left - I live in Lincoln Square and can be home for you to pick them up tonight (Wednesday) or tomorrow Thursday, or Saturday if necessary. Prices are certainly negotiable.


Deleted items have been claimed. 


Trek Rear Rack $10

Standard Trek rear rack. It came with my 520 and is rated for 50 lbs.  I upgraded just last week. It's definitely been used, but it still seems to be in fine shape.


Random Furniture


If anyone needs a dresser, I have a 6 drawer, low dresser that you can just have. It's solid wood, holds a lot, but is overall nothing special.

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Thanks for all of the well-wishes everyone!  I hope to see you all when I'm back in the summer before heading out again!


Also...West Town bikes has expressed interest in the big old trailer. As I mentioned, it doesn't have a hitch, but I'm pretty sure that something could be jury-rigged to get it down there....or it could go in the back of a truck.  It's about 7 feet long. Anyone think they could help out with that?

Miss you already :))
I'll take the trailer to West Town...
Have a great time! I'll see you in July for Ragbrai.
OMG!  I'm going to miss you and Kidical Mass is going to miss your balloons.  Any chance for a final ride or get together Saturday?

I'd be interested in the trailer 2. Could it hold the dresser?

I could come tomorrow to get them. 

Send me a private message. 

Hope to see you soon. Let us know when you're getting into New England for lots of places to stay. We'll be thinking of you!

Todd - Thank you! You've definitely been one of the most inspring people whom I've met through the biking community!  I'll be back in Mid-June and am going to plan a more formal going-away something or other for the first week of August before I head off for my big ride. I hope to be around for a lot of fun stuff during July. Plus I won't be working a regular job, so I should have plenty of time for get togethers.


Allen - I hope to make it out to New England by the end of August. I'll be sure to send you a message as I pass through. My general plan is to take the Northern Tier Route.


Lucas - I thinkI found a different person for that trailer. Sorry!



You will be missed! Enjoy that amazing ride!



Have you got a photo of the dresser? Barring that, what neighborhood do you live in? If you're close enough I could just take a look. Mine is a bit broken and I could use a new one. I'll take the rack, too.



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