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Anyone solder their cable ends? 


In some cases I have to remove the crimp in order to remove the cable.  Eventually they fray and become difficult to re-insert. 


I was thinking about soldering a new cable prior to cutting it. Anyone tried soldering?  If so, any pointers or is it a stupid idea?


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I am a long time fan of soldered cable ends, though I solder after the cable is cut, not before. Drip solder on, wipe with moist towel. Clean look and effective.
You could also apply a few drops of superglue or epoxy to the ends, or even a small blob of silicone calk. Not as permanent as solder, perhaps, but quick. Also some cables are stainless steel and don't take solder well. Adhesives work pretty well for me. By the time they let go, i'm about to change the cable out anyway.
I was totally going to do this, but forgot until now.
solder doesn't stick on stainless cables.
It can with the correct flux

Allen Wrench said:
solder doesn't stick on stainless cables.
Rinse the flux off with alcohol after soldering so it doesn't corrode or discolor the stainless over time (it's stainless steel not stainfree steel)



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