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So, you see your stolen bike on Craigslist...what do you do? (Think of this as an idea generator)


   Cannot locate original purchase info (and hence, no serial number)

   You are not inclined to brain someone with your u-lock

   You just want the bike back

Okay? Ideas on the mark, set, go!

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Don't forget that it's supposed to be shared between departments but no other departments can access the Chicago registration database.

Kevin C said:

Registering your bike and registering your bike as stolen are two different things.

There's an obscure Chicago Ordinance that actually requires you to register your bike with the Chicago Police Department. As h' suggested, that registration system is somewhat flawed in that registrations drop out after two years or so. That's right, after two years, your registration doesn't exist anymore.

That works for some people, though often not quickly enough to help, and apparently we have at least one very high volume retailer that does not record serial numbers.
Walter Dworak said:

Outside of the police report question, since you cannot locate your purchase info you can always try calling up the bike shop you bought it from and ask them if they can pull up your purchase info.



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