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Finally made it up to Smart Bike Parts at 3031 W. Armitage. It is now my favorite store in the city. Probably the only LBS that is actually less expensive than purchasing parts and tires on-line. They are not really local to me, but well worth the little trip. Highly recommended. I realize this won't be news to many Chainlinkers, but I just wanted to give a shout out, because I had such a nice experience dropping by and buying a bunch of stuff.

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I stopped b  this morning...take note...they open at 11am on week days. Yep, great prices and quality gear

Once again I succeeded: 30 out of 33. Wayne Simon again lapped me, but only once. BOOM! And, first crash ever in Cyclocross at -1 MPH. It's a wonder how I get to work. One mile at a time. Ride on! Fast is as fast does. Eric.The.Puetz

Julie Hochstadter said:


You sound like me. Cx races are super fun and my goal is to try not to come in dead last.

Eric Puetz - Smart Bike Parts said:
Slight correction: the owner TRIES to race cross. His consistent lack of speed, technique and strength is a thing to behold. Only a handful of races left at Can't wait to try not to finish last and/or get pulled next Sunday. Ride on. Eric -

pjc jr said:

Smart bikes is the bomb.  The owner races Cyclocross and his store helped a little with my build this season.  They are new to me, but I have already been back many times.  They always lay some knowledge on me and their service and employees are terrific.  Also, one of the last few stores in this city that have bins of used parts to purchase.


Thanks Smart Bikes, you deserve a shout out!  Or a hand-up like they say in CX!

Wow! Way to go, my grandma got mugged several times when she lived in the city in her 70s, its great to see someone helping catch a jerk like that. 

Cameron Puetz said:

Sounds like chasing muggers is easier than ridding cycle cross. Good job Eric.

Wow, civic-minded, crime-fighting bicycle ambassador and total stud. Impressive!

Awesome. And he commutes from freakin' ARLINGTON HEIGHTS. That's badassery right there.

Anyone know what full length fenders they stock in store? They have SKS longboards on their site, but wanted to see if they actually stock them. I'm having a hard time sourcing these locally.

Eric - You Rock!


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