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Silver Bianchi Volpe with full fenders and rear rack stolen in Ravenswood

My bike was stolen today between 5:30pm and 8:30pm front Cuyler and Ravenswood (outside Begyle Brewery).

Please let me know if you see it or if you have any suggestions for recovering it!

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I'm so sorry to hear that! We were next door at Dovetail (for Critical Lass) when I saw this. Just really stinks. Was it locked to that rack across from Begyle? 

Here's the standard advice... I'll post it on FB, Twitter. 

Things to do:

File a police report using 311.

Register with Chicago Stolen Bike Registry

Tell as many people as you can.

Print flyers and distribute them to bike shops.

Check the Bike Sellers groups on facebook.

Check Swap-O-Rama and Maxwell St. Market.

Set up a google alert to alert you if someone lists the bike on craigslist or elsewhere.

Set up a new e-mail account that forwards to one of your established accounts to use for communications about the bike.

Thank you! I hadn't heard of the Ike index, but I'm all caught up with the tips. Hopefully I'll get lucky at Swap-O-Rama!

And yep, it was locked to the rack right across from Begyle. There were a bunch of bikes when I got there and all different bikes when I left, so I wonder if someone snatched a few last night.


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