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Rolled into the store fresh from commute. Dropped bike off for a refresh. Got some solid advice/guidance and as I was leaving, they noticed a separate retail item that I had bought had failed (this was not part of the tuneup). So, they are taking it upon themselves to warranty it. Talk about going the extra mile!

I have to make a point of sharing the good deed from these guys.

Thanks to my local shop again.

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They are pretty awesome. Lesley was the one who assisted with my transition from an old bike to a new bike about a year after they opened. And...of course, who could forget Buddy. 

It really is all about Buddy.

I've also used them and found the mechanics to be nice and not charge an arm and a leg for service.

I'm due for a pit stop!

I always buy a buddy pin when i go there.

They were my neighborhood shop and I moved away...I still go back. Awesome people!


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