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The Importance of Wearing a Helmet (Youth Center Safety Class Post)

We got a request, a very sweet request to post this article:

Emily and Mia wanted to share this with the Chainlink. They just attended a bike safety class at a youth center and asked their instructor, Rachel Martin if they could post this on The Chainlink. They are going to take a look at it today so please add your encouraging words and stories for Emily and Mia to read. Thanks!

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Congratulations to Emily and Mia on working to learn how to be safe riding bikes.  Riding a bike for any reason is such great fun and it is more fun when one learns skills and practices to be safe!

I wear my helmet all of the time.  But my helmet only protects against certain head injuries like skull fractures and probably prevents certain facial injuries.  Shawn's point might not have been nicely expressed, but the article is incorrect--or perhaps outdated--on some levels and there is nothing wrong with pointing that out.  Emily and Mia (and their teacher) should be aware of that.  The prime example is that a helmet does nothing to prevent traumatic brain injuries caused by one's head rapidly moving side to side or back and forth.  It is the kind of injury that is such big news in football these days.  

So, I think it is important to wear my helmet.  But I don't think it creates a circle of invincibility.

For all my 1st time riders & safety classes, I do one several things . 1st I tell that they're required to wear a helmet in my class! 2nd, I refer them to this web site, ! I don't like to give new students cold hard facts right off the bat. 2nd, I ask them if they have a bike, if not since I've my own organization Albany Park Bikes (A.P.B.) N.F.P. I'll then ask for they're in seem . Why because safety begins with a proper fitted bicycle! This tells me what size frame & bike I'll let them use. I like to use this example with older students, that's say you take an egg at waist high drop it. What happen's it cracks! Well same principle with our brain . Now if you wrap that egg in Bubble Wrap and do that same thing drop it from wasit side, that will not break. Same principle applies to our brain! Just some food for thought!


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