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I Love Riding in the City – Issue 31 Preview

Here’s a look at some of the I Love Riding in the City contributors for issue #31.

We want you to represent your city. Click here, and don’t forget to attach a high-res photo. A “high-res” photo, for those who don’t know, is typically300dpi or greater at print size. If you’re not sure, try sending the unedited photo file that comes from a digital camera.

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That's sp awesome. Go shay and kevin for sharing. Go urban velo!

Love that pic! :-)

The cover story's not too shabby either.  ; )

Just an oversight. The cover story didn't show up in the April 28th preview. Well done, sir.

John Greenfield said:

The cover story's not too shabby either.  ; )

Thanks, Kevin!!!  And thanks to John Greenfield, who told me about this last night at the Chainlink party at Revolution Brewery.  I had sent it in ages ago and the magazine never indicated that they were going to use it.  This made my day!  :)


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