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I don't want this discussion to be too easily searchable so let's leave out last names, but Kathy (of the dog in the basket and the bridge plates) has been in the hospital twice in the past few months due to an infection in her spine. She's currently at IL Masonic and there was some talk of rehab but now they may be sending her home with home health therapy/nursing.

Her brother got her a portable computer to keep up with communication while in the hospital so feel free to send some get well wishes to her via:

k  an garo o kat hy (at) yahoo (remove spaces.)


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Thanks! I will send some well wishes and swing by there soon.

Thanks. I was wondering what happened when I did not get a response to my last e-mail!

Not sure if I'll be able to visit this week due to already-maxed-out-schedule. Sending healing thoughts. I'll give her a call. Hopefully I can visit soon.

My guess is that she'll be home within 2 days, but I could be wrong. The spine doc wants her to have a custom-molded  TLSO and it's probably going to be the thing that her discharge ends up waiting on...

I want to wish the 1st Chicago cycling Club president a speedy recovery.

Get well soon! May my thoughts and prayers be with you for a speedy recovery!

Thanks for the update. I'll send her well wishes on a speedy recovery!

Chances are that anyone who rides a bike in Chicago knows Kathy.  Best of luck, best of care.

Kathy, heal and get back on the road with us.


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