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Self-Driving Google Cars Don't Know What to Make of a Cyclist's Track Stand

"It’s usually easy for our human brains to predict how any given car, pedestrian, or cyclist is going to act, but computers must be programmed to “understand” all of our varying behaviors on the road. The latest thing perplexing Google’s self-driving cars (and thereby entertaining us)? A simple track stand, according to Washington Post’s Matt McFarland."

Full story at Gizmodo.

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For a bit more in depth read on the tech behind the "decision making" of the Google car this article does a good job. Interesting stuff.

Good thing developers were in the vehicle to take notes as they laughed...

Much like drivers and pedestrians who can't understand that even though your rolling or have both feet on the pedals if they continue moving by the time you reach the spot where they were you will clearly pass behind them.



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