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Self-Driving Cars May Be Programmed to Sacrifice Cyclists in a Crash

Driverless cars could be programmed to kill cyclists rather than injuring the vehicle's occupants due to its moral decision making process. 

"Consider an autonomous car that is deciding where to position itself in a lane closer to oncoming traffic, or a bicycle lane on its right. Ethical judgments will have to be programmed into these cars."

Another difficult dilemma to face in the near future.

Illinois is  beginning to prepare for the self-driving future.

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Once widely adopted, the AI autonomous drivers will be in continuous communication with each other, so that ideally, in an emergency situation, the vehicles (and maybe even your bike) will take complementary evasive maneuvers, turning a potential disaster into a spine tingling, thrilling adventure, much more entertaining than any amusement park ride, with the added benefit of seeing your entire life history flash before your eyes in an instant. Far more effective wake me up than anything you could buy at Starbucks.

I'd take a car with a brain made out of a Commodore 64 programmed with a cassette player over a lot of human drivers.

this, a thousand times over!

Nice vintage ref, Jim.

Will they be smart enough to lock the doors if they detect a cyclist approaching to prevent dooring? I guess I'll have to trademark the term "The Turing Reach".

A few car manufacturers are working on systems that do exactly what you are describing:

Hyundai is already advertising something like this, called Safe Exit Assist. It is of course only for back doors so kids don't hop out without looking and get hit by something. It would be spectacular to see it on every door in the car.

Edit: I see now that in the link from the reply above it mentions this same thing and has this same video. 


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