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I am interested in doing an organized bike tour in Europe. Can you recommend a specific tour company and/or tour?

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Hi Jeremy,

I have looked a bit at Backroads. If you think of it, I'd love to hear what you thought of the trip. How were the hiking and multisport trips?

Thanks so much for responding,


I've only done one organized bike tour - a camping / mountain biking trip in central Idaho with Backroads. It was terrific. Lots of fun, very well organized, excellent food, great staff, and so on. This was quite some time ago (1998) but if my vacation priorities were such that I decided to do another tour, I would gladly use them again.

For organized tours, my wife and I have gone with Experience Plus six times.  They've done tours for many years and have trips in most of Europe.

We're scheduled for a self-guided tour with an Austrian company through Biketoursdirect.  o far so good.

Thank you for the suggestions!

Bike & Barge: My wife and I, and 18 friends from the Elmhurst and Naperville bike clubs chartered the Fleur for a weeklong trip down the Seine, from Paris, in 2014. Guided rides and touring during day. The barge is always waiting at your destination town for drinks, dinner, and a good night's sleep. Wonderful trip, great food, cooked by a real chef, on the barge. Though most of us were experienced cyclists, we enjoyed the easy pace and fairly low mileage, that still took all day because of added off bike tours along the way. Bikes and helmets provided, with a pannier for carrying lunch and rain gear. If you are hard core, you can bring your own saddle, pedals, and shoes, but nobody did on this trip. Tours of everything from Chateau de Fontainebleau to a sheep cheese farm, and a honey farm. We packed lunches every day, with food provided, and picnicked in some really cool places, including Fontainebleau forest. There was even one non-cyclist spouse in the group, who rode the barge from town to town and walked to tour towns at times. I think that their normal way is to book singles and couples for an eclectic group aboard the 20 guest barge, with a crew of five. In our case, a person who was active in both Naperville and Elmhurst clubs organized a group, and we locked in the barge by filling it. Eurosail does other B&B tours, in other countries as well. Highly recommended.


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