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Hi.  Im about to have a new commute from pulaski and grand to downtown Evanston(chicago ave and church street).  anyone have any route suggestions? I was thinking of taking damen or california up to Howard(and back), or something like that.  thanks

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I like Kimball from your end overall and Cali/Dodge when further up north.

IMO, that whole stretch of Damen between Chicago and Fullerton bites hard during rush periods.

I live near Pulaski and Belmont and ride to Evanston at least weekly. From where you are, I'd probably take Central Park to Belmont or so. From there you can move over to Kimball at Barry. From Addison, I prefer taking Drake (north) or Central Park (south) to taking Kimball, because it's a residential street with less traffic moving at a lower speed. But Kimball is fine. I take this to Wilson, and then go east. To go north from Wilson, I take the North Shore Channel Trail from its beginning just north of Lawrence, California from Lawrence, or continue east to Damen, north on Damen to Winnemac, east to Glenwood, and north on Glenwood/Greenview through Rogers Park to the Evanston border, from which point you go up Chicago past the cemetary. After you get to South Blvd. past the cemetary, you can stay on Chicago Ave. or go one block east to Hinman, which is more pleasant to ride and goes as far north as the Northwestern campus. Other than the stretch up to Fullerton (as noted), Damen is fine, but does not go all the way through. When I've taken it, I go east when it forces me to (at Rosehill) and then go north on Ravenswood and Ridge. Or else continue to Glenwood. I often prefer Glenwood to Clark because while it is slightly slower, it is more pleasant.

cool, those sound like good options.  I will def hit up that trail section

Kedzie up to either  Argyle and then go east to pick up the Channel trail. The trail will dump you on to Kedzie again just north of Peterson. You can take that all the way up to Howard. At Howard go east to Western and turn left. You are now on Asbury which is Western in Evanstonese. Go north until you are n ear your destination.

Or Kedzie all the way north. It turns in to Jersey. It dumps you off at the Lincoln Village Shopping Center.  turn right at Lincoln and cross the bridge. The light just at the top of the bridge is the same Kedzie from the description above. 

Kedzie has traffic but is very good for biking. I use versions of this route to take the Evanston Bike Club down to the Logan Square Farmers Market .


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