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screw-on rack mounted taillights. Does anyone sell these anymore?

I have an old cateye taillight that has developed some loose wires and it needs replacing.  I have the thing bolted onto a bracket that hands off the rear of my rear Old Man Mountain rack.  I am VERY happy with this arrangement.  But you seemingly can't find a light that can be mounted in this way.  Everything is geared toward quick release (quick-steal) clip-ons, or lights you can screw on to your seat post.  I mount a little bag behind my seatpost and don't want that arrangement.

Does anyone know of a light that would fit my requirements?

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Bush and Muller makes them.
John C Lind on Wells might stock them

Hey, thanks.  Gotta decide if I want to go with B & M, German law doesn't allow blinking taillights (maybe that's good?  Not sure why).  But your reference to them sent me to  This guy actually talks about mounting lights.  

Ah....Peter White....There is a rabbithole if I ever saw one. 

Blinky lights distract. There is some research that showed that policecars parked on the side of the highway have a greater chance of getting hit when their blue lights are on.

Also, depending on the angle of your fender and its material, you might want to look into these magnetic lights:

Those are cute, but are they bright enough to get noticed?

I personally really like the new Orfos lights.  You need an external USB battery (like the kind used to charge a cell phone, etc), but they are BRIGHT, super small/lightweight, and can be mounted quite easily with wire or zipties.


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