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Scary and Sad news out of LA - Group Ride Taken Out by Drunk Driver on Cell Phone

Always stay alert...


Officials and witnesses say a group of bicyclists on a midnight ride in Los Angeles were mowed down by a suspected drunken driver who was using a cell phone.

Los Angeles fire spokesman Erik Scott says nine bicyclists were hurt, six of them seriously, when a white car with a woman behind the wheel slammed into the group early Thursday.

Police Officer Bruce Borihanh says the driver has been arrested and booked for investigation of drunken driving. Her name isn't available.

Witnesses tell KTTV Fox 11 that the driver was on the phone when she crashed into the group of about 100 bicyclists about 8 miles south of downtown Los Angeles near the border with Culver City.

The Koreatown bicycling group gets together for weekly midnight rides in the city.


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Wow... sad news is going around today. I just posted something about a hit and run death in Chicago Lawn.

This is very sad and disturbing.  My heart goes out to all the victims of this drunken/careless driver. 





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