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Anyone joining this, I am bringing the family. 100 Randolf at 12 noon

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I have had the following happen to me due to having a dissenting opinion vs. that of those in my union:


-Work boots shoved into toilets, both flushed and unflushed repeatedly.

-Threatened physically and with a firearm.

-Had my voting attendence read off to an entire shift of workers.

-Forced to take the worst jobs on the crew and often forced to do two man jobs solo.


I have also been physically assaulted by union workers when I was brought into do a job none of them were capable of.


I have been verbally abused, intimidated and threatened more than once on job sites as well.


To say that stuff does not happen or is purely from the movies is sticking your head in the sand.



To say that speaking against he union or claiming them to be hold outs for racism, homophobia and sexism is being bigoted towards the working man is one of the biggest loads of crap I have ever heard.  I happen to agree with a lot of what James has said and I AM a working class man.

Union members have choice in their leadership the same was we have choice about our political leaders and if you think different in either arena you are just kidding yourself.

I have twice been a part of a union and both times they failed completely to protect my job and showed a greater interest in collecting dues then they did actually helping anyone out.  I remember when I was laid off from the airlines my union rep was no were to be found and I was completely unable to contact him to find out what I should do; when their shitty contract opened scores of us up to being cut they union reps and leadership hid under the carpet.
Old Tom said:

So you're bigoted against working class men. Interesting.

Union dues don't pay for political activities; such money comes from voluntary contributions to the union PAC. That's the law. I was on my local's PAC and gathered contributions on the job and the vast majority of the hands, being politically astute, happily contributed. And some guys didn't. And that's that.

As for "union bosses"; well at least we elect our leadership and can get rid of it if we want. How about your boss?

James Baum said:

At least the actual liberals would have a chance of drowning out the construction trades homophobes/racists who have been drummed up by their union bosses to show at the capital.  At least they can be counted on to vote democrats in office and pay their union dues to fund democratic candidates.
Don't forget all the money that goes towards the mafia!

James Baum said:


the law is a joke.  Union dues go towards "education" which is money funneled for advertisements pushing democratic causes.


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