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Does anyone have experience with a portable satellite radio— for example, Sirius/XM's XMp3i?


If so, what are battery life and reception like?

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Riding and listening to music on headphones is dangerous, selfish and inconsiderate. I would put it in the same place as running red lights. I hope you do not get hit but if do you are major part of the problem. As a cyclist you must act with caution and safety in mind anything that might cause you to be distracted may result in your death or serious injury. 

7000 milliamp solar has been plugged into my phone for two days and still holds 75% charge after fully charging my phone on Friday....and the solar panel works.

Use external speakers, with the main theme from Jaws looped.  Make sure it's turned up and the speakers face forward.  Also watch out for people wearing headphones; they aren't paying attention and will do something stupid as soon as you are near them.


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