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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- San Francisco bicyclist Christopher Bucchere pleaded guilty to felo...

Family of victim didn't want jail time.

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I'm just speculating what might have been different had this been in Chicago.  I don't know much about California, but since we always hear their pedestrian safety laws are more stringent than ours, perhaps the yellow-red distinction isn't relevant.

It's a very sad story.  I am hugely impressed by the plea for leniency from the victim's family, that's really quite humbling.

For what it's worth...Bucchere's own account, posted on the Mission Cycling blog some hours after the crash but then deleted, is not necessarily trustworthy.  For instance there were eyewitnesses who said he went through a red light.   A security camera's video shown at the hearing cast some doubt on that, but what was also clear was that he did not 'lay the bike down' but went directly into the pedestrians, still in an aero tuck.

Even if he entered the intersection on a (very late) yellow, he was still clearly riding recklessly, 'too committed to stop' in his own admission. 

The victim's family was indeed very merciful to not want a heavier sentence.  But then there may be a civil case.


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