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I got him!

Approaching the intersection of Orleans and Ontario from the south, on my way from work just about an hour ago, I saw a cyclist pedaling on the east side of Orleans, getting to the same intersection from the north. Against the traffic. That he didn't have a headlight goes without saying.

I've been in a similar situation several times before, but never had a chance to try this way of dealing with that kind of fish: I slowed down, and kept as close to the curb as I can, forcing the salmon to go around me.

There was enough light still to see the expression on his face.


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After a pretty impressive run (if I do say so myself), I just lost my first game of chicken with an old(er) lady salmoning on Wolcott near Wilson the other day. I held my ground and started trying to steer her towards the parked cars but she just kept on pedaling until we got close... AND THEN SHE CLOSED HER EYES



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