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An autonomous Uber vehicle struck and killed a woman crossing the street on her bicycle:

Not commenting as to who or what was at fault, just saying it's sad whenever a cyclist (or driver or pedestrian, for that matter), is injured or killed. 

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From what I see in the video, I agree with this article:

The following excerpt sums up my impression, too:

"The Uber SUV’s "lidar and radar absolutely should have detected her and classified her as something other than a stationary object," Bryant Walker Smith, a University of South Carolina law professor who studies self-driving cars, said in an email.

Smith said the video doesn’t fully explain the incident but "strongly suggests a failure by Uber’s automated driving system and a lack of due care by Uber’s driver (as well as by the victim)."

She did and a human driver would never have avoided her, however, this is a vehicle with multiple ways of sensing objects in complete darkness and it did detect her but ignored that data. Fuck Uber.

Move fast and break things and kill people. Progress!


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