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A friend of mine named 'Adam Rotter' was hit on his bike in the intersection of Six corners last week and I just had found about it yesterday. He is still in Coma and it is really difficult to tell if he is going to survive this accident. He has brain injury and was torn up pretty bad along the pavement as well. He is at Swedish Convent Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit. He has a wife and 4 young children and is a really nice guy. He is pictured here with his arm on the lower left side of the photo. If you would like to say a prayer for him it could not hurt. If want to send a gift, message me off list and I will give you his wives phone # and the information at the hospital. This could happen to anyone at anytime and it just shows how important it is to really pay attention and not rely on thinking cars will give the right of way for whatever reason. Thanks

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Wonderful! I'm very glad to hear that!

cutifly said:
He woke up ! Going to Hospital tomorrow to help jog his memory because he is suffering partial memory loss and I am very hard to forget even if you want too. The word is intact and will hope it stays that way. Thanks to the people who send mail and showed interest in this.




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