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I am looking at getting my first set of rollers. The little research I have done has led me to Kreitler and cycle ops rollers. Do you have an suggestions on which manufacturer gives the best product relative to price?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Everyone's fitness is different, but I'll suggest that either sized rollers without an added resistance unit will most likely yield an endurance range workout. For some "a good workout" is defined by having a fair amount of anaerobic work, which would be hard on rollers. Competitive cyclists doing periodic training do most of their winter work aerobic, so they fit nicely into that plan.

Starting out, you'll get a little higher HR thinking about what a terrific wreck it will make when the dog gets his tail caught in your spokes and you both go into the nearest wall, but after that things settle in.
Short answer: yes.
Long answer: if you train by watts, this chart will give you an idea of the ranges.
I have the e-motion floating rollers on my wish list but doubt i'll purchase one for $795...The concept seems so easy to replicate are their other simlar products for cheaper or can you even rig a non-floating roller into one?
i picked up a Minoura roller from Cycle Smithy. it's really, really fun.



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