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Of course, it's a speaker or only in one ear. Let's not devolve into a debate on how we listen to tunes, k?

Ok, that said. I have a "cadence mix" I used to use when I did training rides. 

What music makes you happy when you ride?

I'll throw a few out there - I like listening to ELO e.g. "Turn to Stone", "Livin' Thing", "Don't Bring Me Down", "Mr. Blue Sky"

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In light of yesterday's events, from Chicago, Illinois, the mighty Chi-Lights!

Victory song for on stage acceptance speech.   (11:26)

'I'll take you there', The Staple Singers 1975

Come on, Tom, stay on track -- Riding Songs (although, "I'll Take You There" could work.)

Greatest opening credits EVER -- song/dance/message. (Unfortunately, this vid clips the opening 34 seconds of "Lift Every Voice.") Still, it grabs you by the throat.


Great representative video from Soul Train -- The Soul Train Line dance -- with the funky high energy "Fight the Power" by the Isley Bros.

Thanks to Johns recent post I have Judas Priest in my head... Breaking the law breaking the law

Hey DJ !  It's time to bring that beat back !

New Order - "Blue Monday" (7:24)

Zoe Mumford, Life is too short to fold underwear.

Got caught out in a cold windy rain on my first brevet, and sang this to myself for many miles.

Television: Marquee Moon

Mission of Burma: That's when i reach for my revolver

(7:32) Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water - Made in Japan - Live 8-15-72

Best rock song for riding in early a.m. fog on the LFT.


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