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So, with the weather (hopefully) turning nice pretty soon I wanted to feel out if there would be anyone wanting to join up with a ride into Milwaukee.

Last time I did this it was in a freaking blizzard, but the route is pretty straightforward, and there's lots of really cool stuff to do in our neighbor to the north: palominos, art museums, cafes...

when: TBD but leave Chicago together early on a saturday, and take the amtrak back from milwaukee with our bikes in the PM (they charge you for a bike box to do this but it's not too bad)

ride will end at palominos but we can figure out some cool stuff to do after a deep fried meal before we bike to the amtrak station!

I say date TBD because it would have to be a relatively mild day (60s?) with hopefully not too bad of a headwind.

If you would be interested in joining up let me know. I treat these sorts of rides like roadtrips by bike so we would stop for food along the way and probably shoot for a somewhat decent speed (14-16 mph), but would take rest stops as needed. this would not be a "prove how fast you can finish a century" ride

I'm gonna ride it fixed gear this time and any other intrepid souls are encouraged to do the same!

Me in the middle of my last cold ride up there:

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Ya, I got my phone back. Thanks to you and German for tracking down that Subway.

Brett Ratner said:
Did you get your phone back? That really sucked, I'd bet.

Tank-Ridin' Ryan said:
Seconded. Thanks for putting up with my dumb ass losing my phone, pace-changes, etc.

And John, a faster bike? Why do that? :)

John Dominguez said:
Great photos Chris! Thanks for putting this all together and handling the drama quite smoothly. Those long open stretches of road have got me thinking of a faster bicycle to bring next time.



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