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Hey Folks..I know NATO is kind of pre-empting all events later this week...but please make a special effort to participate this year. I have ridden this annually since 2008 and it is always a very moving (no pun intended) experience.


Help spread the work about cycling awareness and safety. print some flyers and hand them out to cyclists and non-cyclists alike. They are cool and a great conversation starter. Folks at my office are getting them today ;-)flyer for 2012 RoS - can be made into a spoke card





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If anyone wants to join in a pre-ride I will be leaving Roscoe Village around 5:15-5:30ish. We could meet at Roscoe Village Bikes. This is the route I am planning on taking: Damen to Clybourn to Larrabee to Oak to Kingsbury to Kinzie to State to Randolph.  Map:

Unfortunately cannot make it this year. Ride safe.

I wish I could be with you, but I have a meeting here in Beverly tonight. Wishing you all a safe, peaceful ride.

Neil talked me into it, I'll be there. I don't have a black arm band, though.

We'll have some black arm bands available at the check-in table - near the Eternal Flame!

Thanks again Elizabeth.  Despite not having the police escort this year, I think the community made up for it with their amazing corking/crossing guards.    I'm sorry I had to leave early, had to meet the newest member of my family...

this was my first ROS and I really appreciated the time and space to reflect. Elizabeth, it was nice to meet you and I concur with Julie- as it seems this was a lot of your doing, thank you for organizing. I also thank the community-corking-crossing-guards- so helpful! although I wish the there was no reason for the ROS, I am definitely in for 3rd Wednesday of May 2013. 

Well done Elizabeth. An excellent memorial.

Another powerful Ride of Silence this year in Chicago! Over 100 of us out there, at least.

Just reading the ride reports from around IL and other cities in the U.S.:

40 riders for the first ever ROS in Quincy, IL! And about 80 in Arlington Heights!

If you're not already part of the ROS group on Chainlink, please join for all the latest updates:

Here in Muskegon, Mi our first Ride Of Slience we had over 30 rider! We were lead by police escort riders in the front and back. looking forward to growing next year.

Congrats to Elizabeth for pulling off another year.  Any pics up anywhere?



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