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Is there a system to report uber and lyft drivers whom disobey traffic laws, drive in the bike lanes, and park in bike lanes? I'm noticing substantial increase of terrible driving of uber and lyft drivers in respect to cyclists.

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I get your point, but in Chicago cabs do not have to be painted yellow in the first place.  In fact, outside of yellow cab, very few are.   

I do agree that some form of better markings are called for, and Uber and Lyft drivers could put small but noticeable signs on the roof (like Pizza delivery drivers use to do) with a pretty minimal burden.  The rub is a lot of the drivers have both apps running at once, but that's still something signage could deal with. 

If all TNPs are regulated by the city to the extent of drivers being registered with the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (I'm not sure whether or not they are), you may be able to report bad driving on BACP's web site, as you would for reporting a cab driver. 

Yes, you can file a complaint through 311 (I recommend using the phone app — it’s the easiest way to file), and the complaint will be reviewed and adjudicated by BACP. I’ve successfully gotten a few Uber/Lyft drivers fined for violations. 

Really?! Do you just need the plate # to file a complaint?

I think it helps a lot if you have a photo or video, but yes, you can submit a complaint with just a plate number and a description of what happened!

I emailed Lyft, Uber, and my alderperson. The alderperson said they would address is.

Lyft sent me this back. Nothing from Uber:

Aug 18, 12:53 PM PDT

Follow-Up from Lyft Safety
Hey Renee,

We appreciate you keeping a weather eye on the road, and for reporting negative behavioral concerns on behalf of our drivers.

This not only gives our drivers a chance to be educated, but it also stresses the importance of them being a representation of Lyft both on and off platform.

I have passed on this information to our Trust and Safety Team, and they will continue to investigate this matter accordingly.

I want to personally thank you for being cautious and vigilant in regards to such concerns. Safety is one of the pillars of our Community Guidelines and we expect our drivers to uphold them. Drivers who do not abide by our guidelines, and who act in this manner, may be removed from our community should the be found unfit.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you for your proactive reach out in regards to this incident.

Thank you for your time,

Lyft Support

Did anything ever come back from Uber? I did get a reply from them once, but it seemed like it came from a bot or was merely pre-drafted.

Nothing from Uber, not surprising to me, they suck. Maybe Lyft could tell I had an account with them and Uber could see I don't have one with them.

Here's an idea about where to go with Uber complaints, show up here?

Is there a statute of limitations? I've got hundreds of photos of ride share drivers illegally stopped in bike lanes.

I’m not sure if there’s a statute of limitations, but it doesn’t hurt to try! I suppose you could start with the most recent ones, then keep going back in time until they say something. 

Agreed, I've always thought the direct to the company route is faster and more responsive.  Their give-a-darn factor is higher too.  Despite what comes out of CDOT (See the west-bound Randolph bike lane, etc) companies are more worried than the city when someone is injured in a bike lane because of tort issues.   For delivery vehicles too - get the vehicle number and phone number and call it on in.  I usually ask for risk management department or the safety department. 



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