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I have two bikes with a Surly fork. I was thinking of removing the Surly name from the forks. The stickers appear to be placed on top of the clear coat.


Does anybody have experience with removing these stickers efficiently and completely? If so, I'd appreciate your input.

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A hair dryer should do the trick...
I have removed them just starting from a corner with a thumbnail and peeling them off.  You might need to clean up the adhesive residue with mineral spirits.  When I was in motor racing, we heated the decals up with a heat gun.  You could use a blow drier but be careful not to damage the paint.  I seem to recall sometimes getting too much heat and blistering the paint.

I removed some of the ones on my Surly with an industrial razor blade.  As long as you're careful and keep the razor blade at the correct angle so it doesn't scratch the clearcoat, it will be fine.  Just don't tilt it too far perpendicular to the area you're scraping and don't push too hard.  It will be time-consuming, but the slower and more careful you are, the better it will turn out.  If you do happen to scratch the clearcoat, there are some automotive products that can help buff out the scratches, sorry I can't remember the names right now. 


After you get the stickers off, the sticky residue comes off pretty easily with a strong shop rag and some elbow grease, and you can use some Goo Gone on the rag if it's being really stubborn.

It is really easy to burn paint with a heat gun. I prefer goo gone, you can even try wd40. There is a product at car stores called "bug and tar remover" that is safe for clearcoat.


To get an sticky stuff off, normal Isopropyl alcohol won't hurt clear coat or paint as far as I know, and you probably have some already.
duct tapes.. check you tube.
Hairdryer, a credit card and some rubbing alcohol did the trick for me.
Surly actually puts the decals on top of the clear coat just so you could remove them. Surly is great.
I took off the surly decals by using a credit card. I didn't need to use a hairdryer, they flaked off easily.

Thanks for all the advice folks.

Yesterday I finally removed the stickers. 30 seconds with a hair dryer, a little scraping with an old credit card, followed by rubbing it down with 70% isopropyl alcohol to remove the residual glue did the trick. Total time for fork: about 15 minutes.



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