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Red Lights for Bikes: Sure Thing or Stupid Nuisance? Tawlk amongst yourselves!

ON WBEZ's 848 this morning, Tony Sarabia chatted with Transportation Commissioner Gabe Klein about Chicago’s newest protected bike lane that will run along Dearborn Street in the Loop and will include red lights for bikes.  More details here!

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If I was going to obey traffic signals I'd buy a car.

when will men stop wearing ties? as for the red lights. just the next step in the making of chicagohagan. for old timers like me. This is going to hard.but for all you new riders less then 10 years it will be a welcomed change. safer streets.bigger bike lanes. but its all the rules that come with the new changes at first. But bring it on! now I'm off to go ride my NEW OLD BIKE! i love you chicago :]

+1. The lack of clarity on Kinzie re: who has right-of-way, bicycles proceeding forward or cars turning right, would be greatly helped by separate signals for bikes and cars.

Cameron Puetz said:

I'm cautiously optimistic about the Dearborn protected lane. I've been critical of the Kinzie protected lane because of the intersection conflicts created for all modes of travel with turning traffic not looking for cyclists (or struggling with the poor sight lines), cyclists ignoring stop signs and not letting pedestrians cross, and pedestrians queuing in the bike lane waiting for a light to change. Hopefully the separate lights for the bike lane will be used to time the light cycles to eliminate some of these conflicts and give everyone a chance to move. This is very common in Germany and the Netherlands and works well there.

I took this in Warsaw


  what happens to bikes in an intersection?

Awesome.  I'd like to see a cost projection to know how expensive these things are, but if there are pedestrian lights, lets get bicycling lights too.  Though some people will blow them at times, it will make travel a lot clearer for all parties.  It also might draw the attention of some drivers who may consider dusting off their bikes for an easier ride to work.  

Are you guys really shocked and surprised by traffic lights for bikes? When every functional cycling city has them?  

Good idea. Let's keep pushing forward innovative ways to keep everybody safer.


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