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I have a carbon road bike with a carbon fork by Giant.  The handlebars seem to keep coming loose. I a looking for a mechanic to check things out. I think the fork is all carbon even up into the steerer tube.It is a Giant Defy Advanced. I don't have a torque wrench and was a little nervous of tightening things on a carbon bike.



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We are lucky - lots of great options... 

Comrade is great.

Ben at Heritage.

Steven and Lauren at BFF Bikes. Steven is also fantastic with bike fit.

And BFF Bikes carries Giant. 

I'm shy about wrenching on carbon without a torque wrench too, and I work on a lot of bikes, motorcycles, and cars. The toque keys are pretty cheap and foolproof these days. If you accidentally bust one thing you could have paid for the key ten times over or more. After spending a grand or more on a nice carbon bike what's $15 anyhow?

Don't be. 

Carbon is much, mush stronger and much less sensitive than I think many people give it credit for.  As long as you are conscious of torque specs and how you clamp it in a stand you should have no issues with basic maintenance.

Dave D said:

Thanks for all the great advice. I do plan on getting a torque wrench too. Just a little shy about working on carbon.



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