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For an article I'm working on about winter cycling tips, are there any ***LOCALLY MADE*** products you recommend for cold-weather biking? These could include clothing (hats, gloves, jackets, long underwear, socks, shoes, etc.), accessories (lights, fenders, etc.), or bikes and bike parts. I probably won't have space to plug particular bike shops that sell these items. Thanks!

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My mom knitted me a scarf once.

It's hard enough to find proper wool let alone anything not made in China. You have to go on vacation to Europe or South America.

I've been thinking about this for days and I have nothing which makes me sad. 

The only one go-to I have for Winter that's Chicago-based is Danielle Martin's thriving soap business:

It's my pro-tip to survive riding for hours outside in freezing temps. I come home and use the sugar scrub in a hot shower. Otherwise, I'll stay cold and can't warm up. Something about the sugar scrub gets the blood flowing. She was featured in Bicycling Magazine a few years ago and I am a loyal customer (plus she's a pretty awesome person & cyclist). 

Was looking forward to reading some good responses! Hope you find something, John, as I'd love to support them.


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