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I've recently obtained an old, but solid Trek 520 for touring purposes. I'd like to add a fender and rear rack (and also a front rack in the future).

I'm looking at these Velo hammered alloyed fenders

Any other nice alloyed fenders I can be looking at? These seem tricky to install based on the reviews. I like the look of metal fenders.

Also, like the look of this Nitto rack, but it's pricey. If you can recommend another touring rack that is chromoly, let me know: 


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yeah, I think I see the issues with them now and I'm inclined to go with something other than metal. 

I have a brand new set of SKS P50 fenders that I want to sell.  Didn't notice the size was wrong until I had already destroyed the package getting them open.  

(I hope my posting this isn't uncouth, but I couldn't figure out how to Direct Message you).  

Hi Gavin,

are they silver chromoplastic? Problem is I'm not even sure what size I need so I think I'll need to look into that first.

No, they're black.  

Understood, no problem.  



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