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Reaction to different types of bike thieves (white male, black male, white female) on What Would You Do?

Can't figure out if I'm surprised or not:

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Adam "Cezar" Jenkins said:
I will quote a reddit comment. "Anyone else notice the subtle difference between the white guy's answers to on-lookers versus the black guy's? The subtleties all work to bias "experiment's" results. For example, to the question, Is that your bike?" we here the white guy say only "not exactly" while the black guy says "not exactly, but it's gonna be."
I still think there's some racial biases in most of the on-lookers, but I was disappointed to see how subtle differences in phrasing and tone could have easily further skewed the results.
As for the men helping the, wtf?!"

The thread itself is quite interesting also,

Sometimes I think people mistake classism or cultural stereotyping as racism. Not to say that there isn't racism, there is plenty, but sometimes these shows love to exaggerate these things. Dress both men in well-fitting suits and the racists will come right out.

They also had the black guy change what he said when asked if it was his bike from a "it's mine now" type comment to" yeah I lost my key" and a guy helped him lift it over the post on the 2nd comment.



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