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Re: Anybody use a Brooks Saddle for long distance touring?


I am interested in getting into touring this summer. I need a new saddle for my touring bike. I have heard good things about Brooks, but when I look at them in the store they seem pretty hard. Also, what about perineum saddle pressure? Some folks say they are super comfortable but others have told me that when their sit bones adjust and sink into the saddle the nose can move up against the perineum causing numbness issues. Any thoughts?

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Show off! ;-)

Jeff Schneider said:

OK, just to be as OT as possible, I have to say that as much as I love the B17, it's nothing like as comfortable as the saddle on my Pedersen...

Thanks everybody for all the helpful comments. I really love The  Chainlink! I am going to try a Brooks 17 Standard Edition in Honey to match my bar tape.  Very excited about  getting into touring.  Now I just need some fenders and a tubus rack!

...and be sure to use Proofide. It will help a lot with the break in and life of your Brooks.


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